About us

Core values

Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Center is the largest vocational school in Ida-Virumaa. About 2,500 students from Estonia and abroad study at the school.

We teach:

  • primary school graduates;
  • high school graduates;
  • adults of different ages;
  • young people without basic education.

We cooperate with:

  • vocational and general education schools in Estonia;
  • higher education institutions;
  • schools with foreign students;
  • enterprises in Estonia and abroad.

The mission

Training the best skilled professionals together with the students and employers.


Internationally active, multilingual, flexible lifelong learning education center.

Basic values:

Positive - we teach and learn with pleasure, we like challenges focus on solutions, not problems.

Honesty and trust - we have a story about each other and we communicate with sincerity, we hold promises, criticize, constructively and we can apologize if necessary.

Professionalism and effectiveness - we are committed and set ourselves high goals, we will take responsibility and lead the end to the end.

Collaboration and openness - we are looking for solutions together, sharing our experiences and ideas with each other, supporting and celebrating each other, our students and our partners.

School slogan

We will help you write your success story!