Why choose the Ida-Virumaa vocational education center?

Vocational education is an integral part of the Estonian educational system, based on the needs of Estonian society, the employer and the student. Professional education is valued, its accessibility is guaranteed, and graduates will find individual application in the labor market. The Ida-Virumaa vocational education center has set itself the task of organizing high-quality vocational education relevant to the development of the Estonian economy and actively participating in the development of the society in Ida-Virumaa. We attach great importance to the availability of vocational education, which is relevant for all comers.

For the rapid development of the economy in Estonia, more and more qualified specialists and technicians in the field of construction, information technology, electrical engineering and energy, electronics and automation, woodworking, mechanics and metal structures are required. To develop the quality of life of the society, specialized service specialists are required: sellers, cooks, bakers, tour operators, caterers, hoteliers, cleaning specialists and others.
We are waiting for you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills of a specialist in our Center for Vocational Education.

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